Quran Reading with Tajweed

Objective of this course is to help you learn and read Quran with basic tajweed rules and identify arabic alphabets. Our students are able to sucessfully read Quran with correct tajweed at the end of the course.Tajweed is a manner of beautifying the recitation of the Quran by reciting it slowly. Curriculam is speciallly designed to fit both kids and adults. This course is designed to provide you a firm foundation and acts as your first step into Quran Learning.

Basic Islamic Teachings (Prayer, dua etc.)

This is relitivly a short course and focuses on basic islamic teachings including duas, prayer, kalma. Curriculam for this course covers a long list of basic islamic teachings which would be a part of this course. Take your 3 days free trial and then move ahead with the cource once you are comfortable with the teachers and method of teahcing.

Memorization of Quran

One of top wish of muslim is to memorize the holy Quran. It not only require great commitment but also good a very good memory. Our Hafiz-e-Quran teachers would guide you on each step and this specially designed course would help you in acheiving your goal. Our process of communication is so smooth that you would feel at like you are physically present in center. With our programme you will memorize the holy Quran at your own pace.

Quran Translation Classes

If you know how to read Quran and are good at Tajweed then this is a recommended Quran translation course for you. Our method of word to word translation is well recognized and one of the the best in bussiness.

Fee Structure

  Duration USA & Canada UK Europe
2 Days a Week 30min 25$/mon 15£/mon 20€/mon
3 Days a Week 30min 35$/mon 25£mon 30€/mon
4 Days a Week 30min 45$/mon 35£/mon 40€/mon
5 Days a Week 30min 55$/mon 40£/mon 45€/mon
6 Days a Week 30min 60$/mon 45£/mon 50€/mon